MY LIFE IN PERU: FOOD by @ellarend

We love sharing the work of talented creatives worldwide and this post is no different. We are again joined by lifestyle blogger Ella (of Our second instalment of Ella's adventures in Peru looks at Food and the important role it plays in Peruvia culture. In case you missed it: check out Ella's first Photography Showcase on Travel  and be sure to check her out on Insta.

Peruvians are obsessed with food. They are very proud of having incredible ingredients and being one of the best gastronomic destinations in the world. All conversations end up being about food: restaurants we have tried, recipes from our mums and grandmas, places we need to go to etc.
Being Peruvian and Italian basically food is the main thing in every family gathering. We meet every 29th [of the month] and rotate who hosts each time. Here we eat Gnocchi (nobody has been able to copy Nonna's ones, but we try). I mean, food even becomes a moment to force us to meet. We know that date is sacred. Food for me then has always been a synonym for family, cosiness and love. 

Keep an eye out for more showcases from Ella in future!