Conversation with.... Joshua KYEOT

PHOTO CREDIT: Andre Humphrey-Modeste at THRDS Studio

PHOTO CREDIT: Andre Humphrey-Modeste at THRDS Studio

Are you looking for your next musical obsession? Don't worry, WFA have got you covered with Joshua KYEOT. He could sing us a lullaby any day of the week with his soulfully soothing tones. Having just released his new single "Only One", we spoke to him about his influences, performing live and plans for 2018 - listen to Only One above and have a read of the interview below:

So, you’ve just released your single “Only One” - tell us a bit more about that song and what it means to you?

Basically, it’s a story referring to this girl that I met in a bar. I was working behind the bar and she was really cute. It was a private event and I was cleaning out the bar after everyone left. She stayed and we talked and hung out; just flirtatious stuff. It’s kind of just about that and how I only wanted one kiss before she took off. It went well; we dated after that (laughs).

You’ve performed at the much-loved Sofar Sounds in London this year, how was it for you performing to people who may not have known who you are?

Sofar Sounds is just dope. And especially when you know what a platform is like before you perform on it; there’s just that elevated sense of pressure and energy. I think that the people who go to Sofar are super into music. The thing with it is: you listen & keep quiet, everyone shuts up, you stay off your phone, you bring your own bottle and it’s super vibey; people just want to listen to you. So that was really cool and because I knew it was gonna be recorded (one performance would be put on Youtube) there’s that pressure that all the Sofar Sounds videos that I’d seen before are always great, so I was like: just don’t mess up. It was awesome, I think the first one I did was in Soho in a shop and it was sick. Everyone was sitting around. I think my friend spilt beer on me as well haha.

How has 2017 been for you musically?

Best year of my life musically. Just going from strength to strength. Remembering where I came from in regards to the struggles that I had in just recording music because I couldn’t find anyone to work with, I didn’t know what I needed to do and I’ve been recording this EP for 2 years and now finally it’s completed. The plan was to release it last year and it only just got finished and mastered. That was a struggle; it was like pulling teeth the whole way and the teeth just kept on going deeper and deeper into the gums. It was tough, but I learnt a lot and grew a lot and now the music is done. It’s sitting there waiting for someone to push the button. Now my single Only One is out. 

….and what can we expect from you in 2018?

You can expect some new music. The plan is to split the EP down the middle. The name is called: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. The first half will be She Loves Me and the 2nd half will be She Loves Me Not. So, we’re looking to release She Loves Me Not next year (hopefully with a music video as well). And yeah God-willing be in the studio, performing at festivals, lots more gigs, honing the craft and putting more music out. Just building on everything that has happened in 2017. Moving forward, recording more and living the dream.

The music industry can be quite cut-throat, what keeps you motivated to keep going?

I try not to think about the industry. And I know that’s such an artist thing to say and I know people say “oh, you’re in the business of making money” and I get that but, my motivation is music. I like creating, I like being part of something. I feel music is so much bigger than we actually perceive it as. These things are going to add to the world and culture, that’s bigger than money, that’s bigger than the industry of music and making money from a product. So my motivation is just that. I truly believe that I have been blessed with a gift that God has given me and I’m moving forward with that in mind: I have to do this. Why do I wake up? Music. 

Finally, what is your idea of success and is this linked to happiness?

Absolutely. If you are successful you are happy; they go hand in hand. If you are happy, you are successful. What’s my measure of success? I don’t know. People ask me what my definition of greatness is and I always say: my plan is to be great. But I don’t know what my definition of success is. I think it is being happy. If I wake up and I’m doing what I love and I’m not stressed about anything, I have no worries, living happy, I have reason to smile and I am doing what I actually enjoy doing, that’s a pretty successful life to me.  But stripping everything away, we’re just left with ourselves and other people: can I connect with people, can I inspire them to be bigger/better than themselves? That’s success I guess. Taking all the nonsense away and being happy.

Well, there you have it. We're looking forward to the EP next year from Joshua in the meantime, check him out on his socials below and enjoy one of his impressive Sofar Sounds performances below: