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In our latest instalment of ARTIST SPOTLIGHT, WFA spoke to Julia Carlucci, a Toronto-based artist who is influenced by Adele, Alicia Keys and Beyoncé to name a few. Already racking up over 18,000 streams since its release in mid-Feb on Spotify, her latest offering: Take Me Down is clearly resonating with people. Julia is ready to let her star shine bright in 2017 - find out more below:

You’ve recently released your new single “Take You Down” - tell us more about the song?

One night I sat down at the piano wanting to write a song but wasn’t having any luck. After a while, I decided to leave the piano, sit in a chair and just listen. I listened to whatever came to my mind and it wasn’t long before I heard: ‘Came out of nowhere, like snow in July’. After that the words came out so quickly and I wrote almost the entire song on paper before going back to the piano. It’s been re-written several times over the last couple of years but that’s how the bones of the song came to be. 

Tell us more about how your home-town of Toronto has influenced your sound as an artist. 

Toronto is one of the truest cultural mosaics you’ll ever find. You have every ethnicity and culture co-existing within one city; it’s impossible to grow up here and not be influenced by them all. My mom immigrated here from South America so naturally I grew up on a lot of Salsa music. My dad came from an old school Italian family but was really into bands like Earth, Wind & Fire so I also listened to a bunch of R&B/Funk growing up. Both of these genres are heavily horn-based which has definitely influenced my sound, as you can tell on Take Me Down, haha. 

If you could compare your sound to any city/place you’ve visited, what would it be and why?

To be honest, I can’t really pin-point a specific place. My sound is influenced by countless artists from many different cities and cultures. I think for many artists, including myself, it’s also just the culmination of every personal experience/musical influence jumbled up into one sound that is their own. 

What is the most memorable live experience you have?

My EP Release show in 2015 was one of the best live experiences I’ve ever had. I felt super authentic and comfortable with everything as a whole and that made it so much fun. I had a really good turn out too and the feedback was even better than I hoped. Definitely one for the books. 

What’s your favourite album out at the moment?

Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘Divide’. I’ve had it on repeat! 

“Take Me Down” has been featured on various Geographical Spotify playlists. How important are playlists such as this for an artist trying to get their sound out there?

It’s so crucial. As an independent artist it can be very challenging to break out of the bubble that is your family and friends. Those playlists allow you to reach so many more people from all over the world who could also be potential fans. Just from Spotify, I now know that people in Japan and Indonesia really dig my music!

If you had to collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

I have to say Beyonce because she is my Queen. But honestly, I’d be so star struck I’d probably throw up or just sob uncontrollably. 

Finally, what does success mean to you?

A few things. As much as I want to travel the world and win a bunch of Grammys, I have other goals that are much closer to my heart. I want to buy my childhood home and help my parents retire. I want to develop a funding program for artists in Toronto to build the music community here and keep the scene thriving. To me, that’s success. Of course I have a genuine passion for music but having goals that focus on others keeps me going. 

Thanks to Julia for taking the time to let us in. If you wanna follow Julia on her journey, check out her socials below.




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Photo Credit: @magicmerik