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Artist Spotlight is a new series where WFA hears a little bit about who an artist is. First up is Ivy Mode who has just released a new single titled "Money Can't Buy". We are really feelin' this track as it is a blend of her classic voice with some upbeat electronic sounds. In our quick-fire interview, Ivy Mode tells us a bit more about her influences and how the song came to be. Have a read and check out Money Can't Buy below: 

Who is Ivy Mode?

IVY MODE is an alter ego who is into darker alternative indie music with electronic sounds. She makes music she likes to listen to, no matter what is 'cool' these days. She also has her own sense of fashion, she likes to wear whatever she likes, however she feels.

Has your heritage, of being Belgian with Filipino Roots, influenced your sound in any way?

Being a half-blood Filipina hasn't really influenced my sound. But being half Filipina helped me find my own voice, because dancing and singing is one thing every filipino likes to do. I grew up doing a lot of karaoke and dancing a lot at filipino parties.

Money Can't Buy seems like someone is yearning for something they once had and then lost - how did the song come together?

I'm a relationship kind of person, and really put a lot of effort in my relationship. I often see a lot of people putting their career first. I tried to imagine how it would be like, if I'd try to do the same. I'm pretty sure I'd regret it sooner or later.

You auditioned for The Voice in Belgium with Ed Sheeran’s The A Team and your version made it into the top 10 in your native country (congrats!) - what made you choose that song?

I wanted to sing an emotional and vulnerable song, because that's how I felt at the time. 'The A-Team' is a song about a fragile girl trying to survive. I felt a certain connection with this story. I was used to singing on my own and was really shy to sing in front of anyone else. And doing this "Blind Audition" was a good way of overcoming this fear.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

It would be a dream come true to work together with Justin Vernon, the frontman from Bon Iver. I love his music, I'm pretty sure everybody does. But what makes his music so special is that you can instantly get goosebumps when you listen to it.

2016 is ending on a strong note for you with the release of Money Can’t Buy, can you reveal any music plans for 2017?

We are currently planning to release my second single (probably in February) 'Body Next to You'. Depending on how fast the writing process goes we hope to have an EP ready for the end of 2017. I’ve been working a lot in the studio to make new music, so there is definitely more to come!

And there we have it kids. Be sure to check out Ivy's socials below and keep up with her as her career progresses.



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