Artist Spotlight - Catching Cairo

Image by  Dr. Bombo

Image by Dr. Bombo

Hailing from North London, Catching Cairo is definitely in good company with the likes of worldwide superstar, Adele and respected rapper, Little Simz both repping North-Weezy. Describing her music as a “subgenre that encapsulates elements of a stylistic, lyrical, contextual approach to music”, we were intrigued to find out a little more about what she had to say.

Catching Cairo is……(finish the sentence with the best line to describe you as an artist).

a multifaceted artist, an embodiment of her influences, and a risk taker.

Your music includes a multitude of sounds (RnB, Soul, Reggae) — which sound were

you first introduced to growing up?

Reggae from my parents, going to family functions and just chilling at home, reggae always came first. Jazz, Motown and Soul influences came from my mum. R&B is always changing but then stays the same, I heard my favourite R&B songs in films and radio growing up and from my older siblings.

Following on from that: which one do you feel an affinity to?

Reggae and bass culture definitely connects with me in a spiritual and identity level. I would base my affinity with the genre I can connect and perform best, I think R&B, soul and reggae make me feel special and that's why I fuse them together. I can feel the affinity with all in my own way.

Your 2018 collab with Hybrid Minds “Supernova” is a breakaway from the above and has over 1 million streams on Spotify — congrats! Explain to us about how that collab came about and what you expected from it.

Thank you. Hybrid Minds were previous collaborators of mine; before Catching Cairo. I love writing for them because their audience really appreciate the lyrical movement. My expectations were only for many ears to listen and appreciate the song which they did and have done. Very happy with that one.

What do you want to achieve in your career?

To be able to travel around the world performing music to fans old and new. To collaborate with established and emerging talent. And to connect with other creative industries such as fashion and film.

What’s one thing 2019 has brought you which you didn’t expect?


And finally what does success mean to you?

Success is that feeling when you’re content and thankful to be doing what you're doing.

Be sure to check Catching Cairo live this summer as she performs at:

Cross The Tracks Festival in London on 9th June &

Outlook Festival in Croatia in September