Artist Spotlight - Ivohé

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Gearing up for her debut EP release later in the year, German singer-songwriter Ivohé recently dropped the first single from the project: “Night Sky”. Conceived from a poem, a fingerpicked guitar loop and the chance meeting of a lifelong friend, Ivohé’s ‘Night Sky’ amalgamates apprehension and daring amidst the innocence only familiar to the intensely sensitive. We’re happy to have sat down and spoken to her about her music.

You recently released your debut single, “Night Sky” - how does it feel to have released this to the world?

So surreal! I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen for what feels like an eternity. I think every artist can relate… when you’ve been working on a project, especially your first one, sitting on that material can be a very testing phase. I’m extremely happy that it’s finally out in the world.

This song was originally a poem, why did you decide to incorporate music to make it into a song?

The words from the poem came to life in a spontaneous improvisation over the now overall present guitar loop. I frequently write stuff in my diary that isn’t originally intended to become a song. But when I’m jamming I often find myself trying out a mixture of those words or poems I have written down and what comes to me in the moment, mashing up the written with spontaneous input. The vibe of the guitar was just right for the words somehow. I’m glad it all fit so perfectly together.

The video is pretty haunting, how did you come up with the concept?

Sonny, the director of the video, was actually behind the concept. When he first told me his vision for the video, I was like ‘Yes. He gets it.’ The song and words are very dreamlike anyways so it was only right to make an equally dreamy video for it. When you’re dreaming though, things can be quite trippy; events don’t really follow a logical order. The song I find also carries a deeper, slightly anxious vibe, while also resembling deep serenity. Just like the video. I have been struggling with a condition called Derealisation for years now and to overcome my fear of it never fully going away I’ve had to accept that this is just the way I perceive the world now. That everything I’m experiencing right now could be a dream. Even though Sonny’s idea didn’t have the concept of Derealisation as a condition in mind, for me it was a natural connection and I can’t deny that subconsciously, through this condition, maybe all my songs carry a sort of strange, dreamy vibe with it. I’m glad I’m finally getting to use my condition as an advantage through creative expression.

Explain how growing up in Berlin has helped you develop as an artist.

I think it’s that freedom and certain type of attitude you have when growing up in a big city, which never really fades. It’s the weird and unique people wandering around all parts of Berlin, a dirty, loud and eccentric presence. That unapologetic, honest behaviour I have found to be unlike any other place. Berlin has helped me feel bold, and most important of all: special. It has made me feel proud of where I’m from, because with all its grittiness and greyness it still manages to carry so much beauty and creativity within. I’m still learning from this place I’m honoured to call my home as an artist and I hope that never changes.

And finally, what does success mean to you?

For me it means creating content, and instead of being frustrated when I feel I’ve reached a dead-end to cut myself some slack and try out a different approach. To be kind to myself, to eat right, get enough sleep and to know when I have reached my personal limit, when to take a step back. It’s important to be extra understanding and loving to yourself, especially if you’re struggling with mental health issues - though I don’t always achieve that kindness. But realising my ongoing growth, that I’m still learning and always will be gives me a feeling of success. I feel like something inside of me has finally made sense.

A huge thank you to Ivohé for her introspection in this interview. Check out her video for Nightsky below and be sure to follow her on her socials: