Conversation with... Kadeem Tyrell



Oh hey 2018, is that you? Glad you could join us as we begin the year by talking to rising RnB talent: Kadeem Tyrell. Have a read below of how we first met Kadeem and his plans for this year. 

We first saw you live at the Selective Hearing sessions in November 2016. It was a very intimate setting, how does performing live make you feel? 

Performing live is one of my favourite things to do when it comes to music; you have the chance to explain the meaning behind each track and it's much more intimate. Everything is raw and real, untouched and blessed with instruments giving it that extra feel. A whole type of ‘feels’ is the only way I can describe it

One of your most recent singles: “Moon” talks about being in love with someone and being alone together, far away from everything else - talk us through the inspiration for that track. 

I initially heard the beat from my boy Emil. A before I had even written the track and then the words literally started to flow the moment I played it in my car. It was sunny so that helped, and words of being away with someone, somewhere and how good it would be with no interruption just came out of nowhere. I'm inspired by all different types of genres but this one had a future beat sound to it, with a touch of reggaeton so I tried to keep that flow going, a little reggae vibe behind it all as well as putting a little alternative soul into it. 

You’ve covered artists from Destiny’s Child (Say My Name) to Nao (Bad Blood) - what do you think of the state of RnB today?

There's a lot of very good R&B and Soul out there but it does take a good dig to find it, but overall I think it is very different than it was before. We have a lot of Bryson Tiller sounds and the female Bryson Tillers also but there's a small amount that are creating their own R&B and Soulful sound, which stands out to me. I do think it's getting better and artists are really finding their own sound, especially in the London Underground scene. London Soul and R&B is on the rise no doubt.

We’ve enjoyed listening to your collaborative EP with Ryn - how did that come about?

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I actually was introduced to RYN's Soundcloud by a mutual friend and after a month or so I hit him up and asked would he be down to work. After an exchange of music and vocals via email, we had a 5 track EP sitting there without even meeting each other. Our first performance in Angel was the first time we had met each other and it went very well. It was a different way to make an EP but it was so fun during the process. 

Can you let us know when we can expect new music from you?

2018 I will be releasing my first solo EP! Which I'm very very excited about with collaborations with various producers. It's really exciting to share new music that is different to what I've done in the past and probably unexpected but I'm very much ready to let it out without fear.

What’s your one wish for 2018?

My one wish for 2018 would be that I continue to grow musically within the music industry with wisdom and strength and that my EP gets in the hands of many people around the world and down to vibe with me.

Which British Artist(s) are you currently paying attention to?

There's a long list, but to name a few, Emmavie, Kaleem Taylor, Ego Ella May, RAY BLK, BXRBER, Rebecca Garton, IAMDDB, still waiting on Sasha Keable but I still bang her previous EPs, House of Pharaohs, Mundu and many many more. I really indulge in the UK Music Scene because I think it’s on the rise more and more everyday. 

Finally, what is your definition of success?

This is a hard question, but my definition of success would have to be: accomplishment within all the tasks I set myself and knowing that everything that I do is helping myself and others lead a better and happier life. Being someone of good influence. 

Thanks to Kadeem for taking the time to chat to us. Check out his latest single: Let Me Know  and be sure to show him some loves on the socials below: