Conversation with... L'indécis

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SoundCloud is a great platform for discovering fresh and new talent. It is how I came across French producer L'indécis and his hip-hop influenced beats. Hailing from Grenoble, L'indécis has an acute ear which allows him to infuse varied musical elements to create a cohesive sound. We sat down for a chat about his influences, inspirations and this young beat maker's definition of success. Have a listen to his last release Moka and have a read below:

Now first things first, where did your name (L'indéciscome from? Are you quite indecisive?

Haha I always get this one. Yeah I'm quite indecisive in life and also with music. I play different instruments so I found that the name fits well with that too.

Ah okay, so what instruments do you play?

I've played the guitar since I was 6, because my mother is a classical guitar teacher so I wanted to make music like her. I also play bass because its rather fast to learn when you come from guitar. And a bit of keyboard, but I didn't take lessons. (maybe I should have! haha)

Oh wow, so it looks like your mother really inspired you to make music; what does she think of your music?

My mom does not really listen to my genre of music, but she's really open about music in general, so she always supported me. And she especially likes a few tracks of mine so thats enough for me.

It's great to hear that she is supportive. Now, let's talk about you EP Moka - what was the inspiration behind the sound of the EP and the name of it? as, to me it sounds very hip-hop influenced.

Moka is the continuation of my project Monday Chill I did on the youtube channel Chill Hop. I was dropping sounds every week and I finally made a compilation with ten tracks. We represented the project with a cup of coffee because the tracks were uploaded on a Monday each week, so the thing was to relax with a chill hip hop beat after your hardworking day. Moka takes its inspiration from there, so it's clearly hip hop influenced. I just thought it was more "punchy" than Monday Chill, so I named it Moka, because you know, its the spiciest coffee!

Ah I see, that all makes sense. How did your collaboration with Chill Hop come about?

 First of all I started the project (Monday Chill) by myself, every two weeks, on my own Youtube & SoundCloud channels. But I didn't have exposure, so at this time I really wanted to contact some Youtube channels to promote the project a bit. I sent a few emails and Chill Hop was the first to answer; we talked a bit and Bas (the man behind Chill Hop) proposed for me to upload the project at the start of every week. I already had 4 or 5 tracks so it was cool. I had been listening to Chill Hop for a while and I really liked most of the tracks. So thanks to Bas for giving me a chance!

I see, so Bas really believed in you and helped you gain some more exposure. You now have more than 3,000 followers on SoundCloud: are you surprised at how well people are responding to your music?

Yeah he was really excited about this project so I really wanted to do it well! And with my following on SoundCloud, I'm always surprised at how people are responding to my music, sometimes I have comments from people who really have been "affected" by my tracks and it's always a big pleasure for me. I'm really trying to make music with feeling and emotion, so I'm glad people are responding well to it!



Yeah, it must be amazing to hear comments like that. Now moving on slightly, do you ever listen to your own music when you are on journeys or when relaxing?

Maybe it's kind of weird for certain people, but I do listen to my tracks sometimes. Some of them remind me of what I was feeling at the time of making them. So it's a kind of nostalgia I will always love, its not a matter of ego or whatever. But for sure most of the time I listen to other artists because I already know my tracks, so I prefer to hear fresh tunes! 

So would you say you are quite critical of your own music then?

Critical in which way? Like a kind of perfectionist?

Yes, so if you listen to one of your songs, do you think that there is something you could have added to make it sound better? Or are you generally always happy with the music you release?

No, there are always things that bother me with some tracks, because you know, when you're making music it's kind of a constant evolution. So I will always love the atmosphere of a track but not the sound in general, like, the drums, the rhythm, the way some instruments sounds etc...

I understand. Music is an art and there is always more to do. Now earlier, you mentioned how you're listening to other artists. Who are you currently listening to and who would you like to collaborate with in future?

I listen to all sorts of music. I listened to the last album of Emancipator this week (which is really good!), but I'm listening to a lot of stuff so it's hard to answer. I'm still stuck on the last Hiatus Kaiyote album, Choose Your Weapon, one of the best albums I've heard in my entire life! About collaboration, I want to make music with artists I'm in contact with. I also want to collaborate with friends, I know a lot of great musicians and I want to make music with them.

Ah yes, I really like Hiatus Kaiyote as well. They have a really unique sound. And I look forward to hearing these collaborations in future! Now, with the growth of the Internet and platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc, do you think it is easier or harder to come up as a musician nowadays?

For sure with the growth of the Internet and social media communications it's easier to share your music with everyone in the world. But there are a lot of amazing artists around so it's hard to stand out in the crowd. Sometimes I discover artists who don't have the visibility that they deserve. But I assume if you are trying to make something personal and you put ardour in it, you can have opportunities and share your music with more people.

Yes, there are many incredible artists who are very underrated but hopefully their time will come! Now, onto the last question: what is your definition of success and where do you want to be?

I want to enjoy the time I have on this planet but I also want to leave things behind. That's my definition of success, my music will never die, and I just want as many people to remember what I shared with the world. I don't really want to reach a point or something, I just want to play in front of people in as many different places as I can!

And with that introspective answer, it was time to bid adieu to L'indécis. He's just released a new track which precedes his LP set to be released later this year. Have a listen below and keep your eyes peeled: