Tom and Loyle Carner tearin' it up

So, this is a very retrospective look back to one of the best gigs I've ever been to. Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I dig Tom Misch's music; the guy is the epitome of the word groovy. Have a lil' read of my thoughts on his sold out Bussey Building Show last May.  

Ever since I heard On My MindI knew this guy was special. Having missed various shows because of being away from London in Uni (shout out to Sheffield), I knew I couldn't miss this show. 

He is part of podcast collective  Are We Live with members Alfa Mist, Barney Artist and Jordan RakeiThese guys are individual artists but come together to discuss various topics within music and also in every episode, each artist shares a tune they are digging; disclaimer, there are some great gems to be found in each ep. Check it out. 

Now on to the show. The venue: The Bussey Building is a very intimate setting so proximity to the stage was the goal and achieved outcome.

Tom was supported by Bearcubs and Carmody. Bearcubs was evidently there to hype up the crowd and he did well. Next, was Carmody who has a sweet voice and so it was lovely to hear it live. Accompanied by a full band including Laura Misch   on the Sax and vocals at times throughout the performance. Bearcubs contrasted nicely with Carmody and allowed the crowd to start off hype and then ease into anticipation for Tom

There was a gap between Carmody and Tom as the stage was set. But as Tom appeared, the room erupted. Everyone who was there wanted to be there. So the  excitement was palpable. Everyone was just bouncing, neck popping, stank face; you name it. As a friend mentioned to me before, he is so "casually talented" and younger than me too which makes me evaluate my life...

Carmody and Laura Misch in the zone.

Now, on to the guest performances. He had to do it really. Barney came on and admittedly, I hadn't listened to his stuff prior to the gig. But man, this guy had stage presence and had the crowd hype. One thing is for sure, Barney was born to entertain.

Next up Loyle Carner came up and did a fave of mine: NightGowns. This song is beautifully chill and what drew me to it was Loyle's flow; very calming. The opening of the second verse had the crowd rapping along. Also, shout out to Tom who just floats on the track.

As expected, Carmody also made an appearance as a guest for Release You; homegirl hit those high notes, yo. 

Later, Tom was joined by Laura Misch for an older banger in Follow  - have a listen above for some beautiful sax-iness.

It was night of pure enjoyment. Tom is the guy and it was clear how overwhelmed he was by the support from the fans.  All I can say is, it was a great show and for £10 - mate.

No filter

Tom also had a full band and had an outstanding violinist by the name of Tobie Tripp - check out a performance him and Tom did for Colors Berlin here. The set began with the first track from Beat Tape 2: The Journey (have a listen below) which had beautiful live strings. Tom gave the crowd what they wanted with various guitar solos which were bangin'. Also shout out to Alfa Mist on keys.

Most songs were from Beat Tape 2, with two newer tracks (at the time) which have now been released on Tom's Reverie EP: Watch Me Dance and I Wish.