One of the only snaps from the evening as it was lit.

Selective Hearing are a group of 4 ladies sharing eclectic genres of music online via Twitter and Instagram. So when WFA was invited down to their first live event in November, it was a no-brainer. Myself and a friend (shout out to LazyKem) arrived in plenty of time to find the Beer Rebellion in Sydenham packed to the rafters. This was all thanks to the strong online marketing of the event by the team.

The evening had 11 acts plus 2 open mic acts so it was to be a night with good atmosphere. Everyone was just there to have a good time and it was a testament to the team at Selective Hearing for being able to create an environment where everyone could free their mind of any stress and enjoy the moment. This was also in part, thanks to the way the artists approached their performances with confidence and really made the audience feel at home with opening remarks before performances. 

 It was great to have a space (no matter if it was just for a few hours) where grass roots music could just be. One thing is certain, when the next event comes around, we'll be there. Meanwhile, enjoy a run-down of some of the acts that performed that night:


The night started with a performance by Mundu. It was pleasantly surprising to notice how in his own world Mundu was. He closed his eyes and really felt his music and that was something which connected with the audience. So it was no surprise to hear that he has been featured on Ralph Hardy's Compilation of up-coming (mainly) UK artists - Growing Pains 2.  No doubt Mundu's star will continue to rise.


Having heard about Theresa Lola via Twitter and Instagram, I was very interested to hear her live. As someone who has not really explored the world of Spoken Word, it was a welcome change to hear someone just speak about something meaningful to them. Theresa Lola did a particular piece entitled For Mos Def and really captivated everyone in the room. You could really feel the emotion in her voice. Have a listen below:



Looking for some soothing vocals to help you feel calm after a long day in the rat-race? Well look no further than Keziah Who. Part of the SXWKS collective of creatives, Keziah had everyone in a dream-like state while performing. Check out Miles below:



Kadeem brought the soul into the room and had us all grooving to those effortless runs. His collaboration with producer Ryn on the Fooled EP shows his willingness to explore different sounds even this early on into this career. Check out his modern-twist of the iconic Say My Name below:



Al Morris was one of the final acts of the night. Armed with an acoustic guitar, he seemed a quiet and unassuming guy. Until he opened his mouth to sing, that is. This guy blew us all away and you can see why below:

Big shout out to all the other wonderful acts who graced the stage:

Isa x Evie A. Music

Charlie Mburaki



Jake Silke



 Simon Bailey

And after a marathon evening of music, it was time for the magic of the evening to be left to our memories. Thanks again to Selective Hearing for creating this showcase for us all to enjoy. Be sure to check out their socials for more cool music and their next event because well, you'd be a fool to miss out.