When I heard Leon Bridges was doing a show in London, I thought I need to hear this guy's voice live. With the intentions clear in my mind, I snapped up tickets as soon as they went on sale. As usual, I'd be dragging along a friend of mine. Said friend is really into films and has her own blog about that too; you should definitely check it out: https://lazykem.wordpress.com/ (#plug). Before the week leading up to the concert, I admit I hadn't listened as attentively to Coming Home as I could have. But that doesn't matter as in that final week before the concert, I listened to that album like my life depended on it. This was so I would be ready on the night to sing and enjoy the good times that would ensue. Going in to the concert, the title track of the album Coming Home was atop of my faves list. But I also found myself falling for Lisa Sawyer River. I always knew River was a beautiful song but I always skipped it on my Spotify playlists, until one day I gave in and listened. From then on, I loved it.

Now on to the gig itself. Leon was supported by Andra Day. Now, you may have spotted her in some Christmas ads with her singing with Stevie Wonder back in 2015. The truth is, this lady has a voice and really let it loose. It didn't seem like she was well known to the audience however, they embraced her all the same. She also has a old-style of singing so you can see why Leon chose her to support him. Even though I didn't know any of her songs, I still enjoyed her voice. She did a song called Rise Up and made her vocal ability known to us at that moment. She did an amazing cover of Queen's - I Want It All - her interpretation slowed the song right down and full of blues soul. Undeniable talent. 

Now it was time for Leon to grace the stage. His band started walking on stage and the crowd roared. He exploded onto the stage with confidence and the smoothest dance moves. He had so much energy and definitely brought some of Fort Worth to London that night. Every person in the 5,000 strong crowd were there for this man's voice and man did he deliver. He seemed so at ease with performing. 

Leon performed pretty much all the songs from his debut Coming Home. Some highlights included: River and the title track: Coming Home. For RiverLeon was joined by his backing singer and long-time friend BrittniNow, if you've heard the studio version of River, you'll know that the song allows Brittni to take centre-stage towards the end. Things were really no different on that night. We all knew the moment was coming as Leon finished the 2nd chorus. Chills. This song is stunning and I am so happy I got to hear it live.

Coming Home was beautiful. And that's all she wrote on that. I'd also like to take this moment to shout out Leon's band; they brought it.

The audience had a great time; you could tell as the energy was palpable. The age-range was wide too as young and old came together to celebrate the tenderness of Leon's vocals. I love seeing a mix of people at gigs. 

Overall, it was a superb night of music and all I can say is: Thank You Leon.