I'm in love with the....

    I'm in love with the....

The Internet aka Syd Tha Kid, Matt Martians, Jameel Bruner, Patrick Paige, Christopher Smith and Steve Lacy are a band making great waves right now. So where do I begin? Well, I got into them quite late i.e. just before the release of their 3rd album: Ego Death. I heard Syd's vocals on Gone by Snakehips and raised an eyebrow or two. Mainly because, Syd Tha Kid sounds like a rapper name to me and having never heard her sound before, I was caught off guard at her singing. I found myself saying: Okay let's see what else you got. 

This led me on to Girl (above) with breathy vocals by Syd featuring production credits from the bawse that is: Kaytranada. This was rinsed throughout the summer and was my first favourite song from their album. With more listens I realised how together this Grammy Nominated project was and still is. Now, some people say The Grammys mean nothing but the truth is, people still pay attention to them so it was unsurprising to see The Internet celebrate their nomination; it still showed recognition for the undoubted hard work that went into making Ego Death.

Now back to the matter at hand. This was my first time to KOKO. I expected it to be a small-ish venue but the decor was interesting. It looked like it had been a theatre in its past life. The Internet were supported by Wolfie who had a similar Neo-Soul/R'n'B vibe. Her backing singer was by far one of my highlights of the night. Anyone who was there will tell you this guy was dancing his heart out; never mind not being able to hear his vocals, his dancing was a major key to his success.

After struggling to get a good view of Wolfie, my friend and I ventured to the top of the venue and quite frankly, we had the best seats in the house. We could see the whole stage which is more than I can say for a lot of other gigs I've been to (hashtag, short-ish girl problems). 

There was definitely an air of anticipation as we awaited the arrival of the main act. Looking around the room, I saw such an eclectic group of young people. That's the great thing about music: it brings all kinds of people together to share and experience something special as one. Once you set foot inside a venue, all the outside drama of life is left outside; for those 90 minutes or whatever, you're just a fan there to enjoy the catchy melodies, the dirty bass and the inter-song call-and-response of your fave. 

Even though Steve Lacy was missing on the night, it was business as usual for the remaining members. The beginnings of Get Away started rumbling and with that the crowd knew the band would be making their entrance. Enthusiastic head-bopping, waving of hands in the ayer (like yuh just don't cayuh), singing/rapping along to lyrics: this was the definition of vibes. (Sidebar: I turned around many times during the show to see other people enjoying themselves and spotted someone who looked like Howard from Disclosure but I thought, nah it can't be him; but what do I see on Instagram the following morning on Disclosure's Instagram page but a shot of the gig? Lesson to all, trust your gut). Anyways, back to the gig. Everyone on stage added their own character to the show. Syd had her own little groove and I was loving it, while Martin looked supa fly in his sunglasses; he just looked so relaxed. Clearly they were all having fun. Now, Jameel (on keys) was on a whole other level. He had moves for days; he was whipping and nae naeing to the point where he cooked up breakfast and served it up for us on a plate. The crowd ate this up and were clamouring for more and boy did he give it. It was hilarious to watch. 

They played almost all the songs from Ego Death - these by far got the biggest roars from the crowd. They played a few older songs which I must admit I was not too familiar with and the crowd was noticeably quieter. 

I love the fact that a lot of their songs are split into two. My favourites are Something's Missing and Palace/Curse. That last half of Palace/Curse is too groovy for words. There was also a special moment when all the stage lights went out for Penthouse Cloud (a slower and smoother song) and everyone had their lighters up. Great stuff. 

What really shone through on the night was why I love these guys: they're just 6 care-free kids making music they love and it's a pleasure to witness. 

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