Back in the spring of 2013 aka my 1st year of University, Disclosure were coming to play a gig at my Union and I didn't go. Tickets were a mere £8 back then. 2 albums, 2 Grammy Nods and a couple of years later, unsurprisingly, ticket prices were 4 times that amount. This is down to a simple economic case of: Supply and Demand.

I loved their first album Settle but think that Caracal does hold its own. My favourite track from it is: Magnets - with Lorde bringing that fire (imagine the fire emoji in place of the word "fire" there). Now getting on to support acts; these were Lionbabe and EatsEverything. Unfortunately, my friend and I missed Lionbabe's set due to living life as an adult i.e. the rat-race etc. Anyways, they are one of those duos that people forget is a duo; much like AlunaGeorge or La Roux (But for real though, La Roux also brought that *fire* back in the day). We did, however, have the *pleasure* of witnessing EatsEverything's set. And to be honest, I would have rather had Cheryl Cole in place of him (I'm not a massive fan of hers but at least she has a few bangers). Let's just say, his music wasn't for me. One good thing I will say about him is that, he was fully loving his music, he was in effect, his own hype man which is fair play to him. I also have to take this moment to acknowledge the fact that he did this without uttering a single word. Hashtag: skilled. He also energetically hyped up the crowd so that we were ready for the main act. 

Now you know that feeling when the act you actually want to see are about to come on stage? The feeling of anticipation? When music started to play, you could've mistaken the crowd for being a bunch of Directioners or Beliebers. It was that deafening. The energy of the crowd was already at a mountainous peak.  So when Disclosure entered The Palace, you could feel that things had hit another level. Aka: vibes.

The boys played all but 2 songs from the non-deluxe version of their album and a few old favourites too. I was secretly hoping that Sam Smith was lurking backstage and would hope on stage for Latch and Omen but alas, sometimes good things don't happen to good people. 

They started off with White Noise which (as their first UK Number 1 single) was definitely a crowd favourite. 



Disclosure's albums feature many guest appearances so it was inevitable that we'd have a few special guests gracing the stage.

The first to hop on was Eliza Doolittle whose live version of You & Me got the crowd super reminiscent of summer 2013.

Kwabs then took to the stage and boy does this guy have a big voice. I first heard him do a live performance of his song "Pray For Love" on BBC Radio 1XTRA in 2014 and from that day on, I was a fan. Willing & Able is one of my favourites from the album. He didn't sing it the same as on the recording, but I still enjoyed the performance.  (Although, it looked like he'd got a pre-order of some Yeezy Pieces i.e. Questionnable Chic...)

Lionbabe (surprise surprise) also came on to do their track Hourglass. I have to say Jillian Hervey was on fire. Moves. For. Days. And what was most impressive was that she did not sing off-key whilst pulling off those expert high kicks. You Go Girl. (Cheryl Cole, take note).

Now, I thought Superego was a bit of a "whatever" track from Caracal. But when Nao came on to perform it, it truly wowed me. A lot of beautiful bass. It made me go back and hear the song in a different light; which is why I love going to gigs. Nothing beats hearing something live.

Brendan Reilly sang a song which I'd never heard before: Moving Mountains. It was normal club banger. But what really left a print on my mind was a note at the end that Brendan hit which had the crowd like whoa. Truly something.

Honourable mentions do have to go to Omen and Nocturnal which both grew on me. 

I also have to add that Howard played some beautiful grooves on the Bass - I very much enjoyed his little solos. 

And finally, (rather predictably) the show ended with Latch which was spectacular - everyone loved it and with that, it was adieu to a great and energetically, vibey gig by the Disclosure boys.